General Technician

Job title: General Technician

Company: Landmark Group

Job description:

  • Job Objective:

Maintains and repairs hotel facilities on assigned shift, including power, lighting, air conditioning, electrical/electronic installations, TV, Telephones, hot and cold water piping & plumbing, kitchen equipments and all other operations requiring engineering judgment.

  • Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Ensures the continuous supply of power, lighting, gas, hot & cold water and air conditioning. Ensures 100% reliability of sub-stations, switch gears, fire pump, Hot water systems, chillers, gas and hot & cold water equipment.
  • Ensures that efficient, reliable, safe and economical means and methods are strictly practiced in the operation and maintenance of all hotel equipments.
  • Coordinates with the Duty Manager, Housekeeping, and with other departments on Engineering-related concerns and issues and provides them full support for the fastest delivery of hotel products with guest satisfaction as the highest consideration.
  • Maintains and analyzes all log sheets and logbook data and implements immediately all appropriate actions that can be accomplished by his shift.
  • Inspects all machines and equipments during his shift, rectifies or reports all deficiencies observed such as loose belts, dark machine room, hot bearing, noisy bearings, abnormal vibrations, fouled condenser, etc.
  • Ensures accuracy of data entered into machineries log sheets and logbooks. Constantly checks instrument readings for operation logs and ensure that any defect is immediately acted upon or reported.
  • Assumes the duties of Engineering Supervisor in his absence and performs duties in coordination with other technicians, which may be assigned to him.
  • Recommends improvement in machine techniques geared towards efficiency and reduction of maintenance cost and enhancement of performance of maintenance jobs, new methods, procedures or techniques for performing servicing jobs.
  • Authorizes acceptance of deliveries of requisitioned items of the department such as tools, gaskets, packing, machine parts, valves and other stock materials to ensure conformance with the specifications code/standards drawing and in accordance with the purchase order.
  • Responds immediately to guest complaints and other emergency calls and delivers the fastest and best results. Ensures maintenance of quality of workmanship under his shift.
  • Acts quickly and efficiently on all maintenance requests that can be accomplished by his shift. Accomplishes and sorts out completed maintenance request.
  • Ensures all operations and maintenance work carried out are of the best quality and can be delivered at optimum efficiency, safety, and economy.
  • Ensures safety of personnel, guests, and company property in the conduct of his work.
  • Responds and makes himself available for any call by his superior or colleagues during emergency trouble or calamities. Stay in the hotel as stand-by force to aid in emergency trouble shooting and operation.
  • Maintains all time cleanliness of main machine room, control room, engineering office, storeroom, workshop, including furniture.
  • Maintains the hotel’s fan coil units, conducts regular cleaning of drain pan, and clears all clogged FCU drain line.
  • Insulates chilled water line. Assists in chilled water re-piping.
  • Fabricates and repairs ducts. Installs canvass connection. Cleans micro duct.
  • Ensures Preventive Maintenance Programmes are carried out in accordance with schedule and set standards.
  • Participates in the activities of the Fire Brigade Training and other scheduled trainings at all times.
  • Corrects immediately damage or defect observed in the machine and coordinates with operator for an immediate shutdown for repair purposes. Reports to supervisor any end – user error in operating the machines.
  • Ensures equipment and machines are all equipped with safety gadgets at all times and are in good working condition.
  • Checks the guest elevators, house phones, pay phones and all in-house installed phones.
  • Assists hotel clients in their telephone requirements during conventions, seminars and other special banquet functions.
  • Performs routine preventive/predictive maintenance of the following major and auxiliary electrical equipment.
  • Batteries – including emergency light, exit lights, switch gear, control panels, UPS.
  • L.V. Panels.
  • Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning controls- valve and damper actuators, electric motor, motorized valves, thermostat and related instrumentation involving industrial electronics, water chiller.
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Variable frequency Drives.
  • Trouble-shoots electrical controls and equipment.
  • Repairs all hotel electronics and communication equipment facilities such as:
  • Background Music System and accessories.
  • Television amplifiers.
  • Satellite TV equipment.
  • Exit and emergency light.
  • Dimmer module.
  • Other devices that employ electronic control and micro-processors etc.
  • Guest Room TV sets.
  • Fire alarms.
  • Building Management System.
  • Cleans and un-clogs the sanitary and drainage system.
  • Qualification Guide


  • ITI or diploma in mechanical/electrical engineering


  • 2-4 years experience for operation and maintenance of major utilities preferably from hotel industry.

Special Knowledge/Skills

  • Able to operate chillers
  • Skilled in repair of TV sets, radio, amplifiers, VCR, cassette decks, mixers etc., Maintenance and trouble shooting of electronics equipment.
  • With good communication skills both oral and written, English and other languages
  • Good inter-personal skills, pleasant appearance.
  • Attentive to details



Expected salary:

Location: Ras al-Khaimah

Job date: Tue, 23 Nov 2021 23:55:35 GMT

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