Maintenance Transition Coach (Nuclear)

Job title: Maintenance Transition Coach (Nuclear)

Company: Nawah Energy Company

Job description: Job Description

Support the implementation of the Maintenance transition plans from the Prime Contractor’s Care and Custody maintenance to the Nawah Maintenance Organization. Support the implementation of organizational change management plans to establish a sustainable Nuclear Maintenance Culture (Barakah Maintenance Way), in order to develop and launch effective maintenance teams. Provide coaching to influence and shape behaviors that strives to achieve the highest industry standards are consistently reinforced in the field. * Maintenance Transition

  • Support the Maintenance Transition Plans for the maintenance personnel joining Maintenance and how they will integrate in to the Maintenance teams
  • Complete assigned action from the Maintenance Transition Plan for the period after the selected craft arrive on site through to Commercial Operation and beyond.
  • Through Coaching in the field, provide insights and support, to verify that Maintenance is able to support, perform, and / or oversee maintenance activities safely and effectively.
  • Provide routine insights, via a weekly report out to Maintenance Transition Superintendent and Maintenance Directors on how the leaders, team members and teams are developing. Actively participate in any formal self-assessments of progress.
  • Develop a suite of coaching measures that inform the Maintenance Transition Superintendent, and the Maintenance Directors of the current status of the team with regards to Human Performance (HU) and Supervisory skills.
  • Ensure that new team members are integrated, and that the teams creates a positive atmosphere of mutual trust and respect, valuing safety as the number one priority.
  • Verify through formal observations of Maintenance that the Maintenance organization is capable of performing the required work.
  • Support the function’s activities in continuous improvement, through championing the use of HU error prevention techniques.
  • Ensure though focused observations that activities are performed per regulatory requirements, nuclear standards for nuclear safety, industrial safety, and environmental protection requirements and commitments.
  • Support the team to build a systematic Maintenance nuclear culture program to aid the development of strong nuclear safety culture throughout Maintenance, including the introduction of personnel that is new to nuclear.
  • Provide direct support to the Maintenance Directors to build effectiveness, through coaching for both them and their teams.
  • Development and Building Proficiency
  • Analyze data, including but not limited to CAP, Observations database, internal and external OE to determine performance shortfall across Maintenance
  • Design and develop initiatives that will support the formation and performance of the teams, establishing team norms.
  • Support Maintenance teams to be effective in understanding error precursors – Unfavorable conditions at the job site that increase the chances of error during performance of a task
  • Support intelligent use and application of HU Error Prevention Tools to reduce human performance related events and near misses.
  • Support Maintenance leaders to be effective at developing their people through effective in the field coaching, through structured paired observations
  • Provide effective coaching and feedback in an environment of healthy accountability by developing a suite of coaching measures (behavioral markers) that inform Maintenance Transition Superintendent, and ultimately the Maintenance Director of the ongoing status of the team with regards to HU and Supervisory skills.
  • Foster a learning organization through continuous improvement and embed the systematic use of Nawah processes to ensure the teams are effective, including but not limited to:
  • Embedded and standardize team norms across Maintenance in a consistent manner
  • Build an understanding of intelligent use of Human Performance tools
  • Procedure Use and Adherence
  • Champion the use of Nawah processes, including but not limited to;
  • The Corrective Actions Program
  • Training
  • Work Management, effective integration of AP928
  • Operational Focus
  • Support the Maintenance Function to be an aligned and engaged workforce that values (nuclear) safety as the overriding priority.
  • Support the Maintenance Leadership in build a team of ‘Nuclear Professionals’, valuing that uniqueness of the nuclear industry.
  • Have a specific focus to nurture and develop the departments high performing UAE Nationals.
  • Training and Qualifications:
  • Observe and coach performance of training delegates and provide insights to training.
  • Validate that the training programs provide necessary non-technical knowledge and skills to ensure staff are properly trained to conduct their assigned responsibilities
  • Provide training feedback on program and training effectiveness with evaluation of performance to ensure quality of training and qualification program and consult with training staff to improve training effectiveness
  • Support the Maintenance teams to ensure that a systematic training program is built to aid the development of U3/4 Plant Maintenance.
  • Operational Planning
  • Provide insights into the development of the Division’s systems, processes and procedures, as well supporting the Department’s systems and processes, identifying potential areas of improvement to ensure efficient, effective, safe and risk-free operations as well as compliance with corporate and regulatory requirements.
  • Provide insights in to Operational and financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to the Department, to track performance and recommend corrective or mitigating actions.
  • When required, ensure that all relative reports are prepared timely and accurately, and meet the Department’s requirements and standards.


Bachelor’s Degree
5 years of relevant experience

Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
4 years of maintenance experience
Nuclear Power Plant Experience
Coaching Qualification

Please note: this role requires candidates who have a minimum of 15 years within the nuclear industry

Expected salary:

Location: Abu Dhabi

Job date: Thu, 11 Nov 2021 06:23:36 GMT

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