Senior Strategic Planning Specialist

Job title: Senior Strategic Planning Specialist

Company: Sundus Recruitment Services

Job description: Job Description:

Minimum Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration or Industrial Engineering & 04 to 06 years
  • Holding passport and family book that is issued from Abu Dhabi.
  • Reviewing the results of research, studies and data related to housing projects and programs that are in the process of being adopted in the strategic plan and operational plans in coordination with the Policy and Research Department of the Authority and the concerned advisory bodies and making recommendations and suggestions regarding their implementation.
  • As a result of the strategic analysis of the internal and external environment of the authority (SWOT) by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the internal environment of the authority and identifying the threats and opportunities available to all axes that affect the work of the authority, namely: human resources, key partners, services provided, resources and information technology.
  • Reviewing the results of the Authority’s strategic plan and the extent to which it has achieved the set goals, to take them into consideration in updating the strategic plan in the future to avoid mistakes and not to fall into them again as a first step in the process of developing strategic planning processes.
  • Participating in defining general strategic frameworks, priorities and initiatives based on studies, research, and analysis of the results of institutional performance for the past year.
  • Ensure the alignment of long and medium-term strategic plans, priorities, initiatives, and programs emanating from them and related to housing benefits with related policies.
  • Preparing and updating strategic plans for the sectors concerned with housing benefits, based on comparative studies and internal and external analysis of the work environment and within the limits of available resources such as land, loans and ready-made housing to achieve the lofty orders and the vision and mission of the Authority.
  • Anticipate the challenges that departments and sections may face during the process of implementing their operational plans to catch up and avoid them, if possible, to avoid any obstacles that may keep them from achieving the desired goals and to make recommendations for alternative development and implementation plans.
  • Information obtained from all departments and sections.
  • Coordination and communication with government agencies and strategic partners of the authority concerned with the social sector, and those that have a direct or indirect impact on implementing the authority’s strategic plan and achieving its goals and outputs.
  • Planning the resources needed to implement initiatives and projects in coordination with the concerned departments and developing and proposing the financial policy for new or updated housing programs.
  • Providing support to the owners of initiatives, explaining the mechanism for preparing and implementing initiatives, explaining their roles, and helping them prepare their initiatives so that they are in line with strategic priorities and objectives.

Expected salary:

Location: Abu Dhabi

Job date: Tue, 12 Oct 2021 01:36:47 GMT

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