Mechanical Technician

Job title: Mechanical Technician


Job description: Mechanical Technician

Onshore and Offshore – Abu Dhabi, UAE

Nationality : Any Nationality

Experience : 2 – 5 years

Industry Type : OIL & GAS

Functional Area : Technician

Date Posted : 26 – Jan – 2022


Job Description

Job Duties but not limited to

  • Carries out day to day preventive, corrective and break down maintenance activities on mechanical plant and equipment in assigned field, covering gas turbine units and multi stage surface pumps, products process plant, diesel engines, mobile plant, air compressors, heavy equipment, fire equipment, valves, water and sewage treatment plant, workshop machines and lifting equipment and any other mechanical plant and equipment in assigned field. Includes receiving maintenance and repair work orders, determining priorities and appropriate standard procedures in conjunction with supervisor, identifying and ordering required materials, spares and equipment, liaising with counterparts in Operations to release desired equipment and plant, preparing necessary work permits, and executing work on site and/or in workshop.
  • Ensures availability of adequate level of consumable materials and spares in local store and arranges for delivery of materials from Company’s general stores.
  • Troubleshoots various process maintenance and operation problems and consults with supervisor and colleagues as required.
  • May assist and participate in complex maintenance and repairs activities carried out by specialists, as required.
  • Participates in shutdown and major overhaul activities by carrying out shutdown preparation, data collection and condition monitoring duties as assigned by Senior Support Engineers.
  • Implements and observes the Company’s HSE policies and procedures.
  • Carries out planned (preventive, predictive, routine and breakdown) maintenance activities on mechanical plant and equipment in assigned field in accordance with set plans and standard procedures. This includes:
  • Receives work order from supervisor and review equipment maintenance history.
  • Prepares required work permit(s) and liaises with operations to release device.
  • Inspects equipment to determine extent of repairs required.
  • Prepares requisition for spares and materials and withdraws from local store or arrange delivery from main stores.
  • Withdraws necessary tools and arranges transport and any other support services.
  • Dismantle, examine and determine plant/ equipment faulty components.
  • Repairs or replaces damaged parts and reassemble plant/ equipment.
  • Tests to ensure operability and reports activities to supervisor.
  • Participates in major overhaul and shutdown maintenance activities as assigned by Senior Support Engineers. Includes carrying out shutdown preparation, data collection and condition monitoring duties as assigned.
  • Carries out minor modification work on mechanical plant and equipment as per manufacturers drawings and/or under close supervision. Produce schematics to enable updating and production of “as built” drawings.
  • Ensures the provision of adequate supply of non stock materials, spares, consumable items in local stores and raises necessary documentation for issue of stock items and/or procurement of direct purchase items.
  • Liaises with Bab 13 store to expedite receipt of required items.
  • Raises issue vouchers for required items through 3Ms.
  • Prepare purchase request for non stock/ direct purchase items. Includes full technical details of material, code numbers, other buying descriptions, cost estimates and process to supervisor for endorsement and further action.
  • Undertakes preliminary evaluation of received bids for the supply of materials and recommends technically acceptable bidders.
  • Inspects materials received to ensure conformance to required specifications and arranges witnesses testing/operational use of spares to verify compatibility with existing equipment, as instructed.
  • Acts as a relief Tool Store Attendant.
  • Assists supervisor in maintaining an efficient workshop services in support of maintenance and project activities.
  • Prepares spares and materials orders to ensure availability of an optimum level of materials, spares, consumable, mechanical test equipment.
  • Carries out regular inspection and maintenance of workshop machinery and test equipment.
  • Observes safety rules and regulations and practice good housekeeping in all workshop activities.
  • Recommends procurement of new tools and equipment and prepares justifications, as necessary.
  • Inspects and witnesses mechanical repairs carried out in contractors workshops.
  • Participates in commissioning of projects and installation of new mechanical plant/equipment. Includes checking and reviewing commissioning and insurance spares and assisting engineers in preparing reviewing related SPIR’s.
  • Investigates and troubleshoots maintenance problems. Implements fault-finding routines and procedures, diagnoses problems and takes appropriate action including devising and implementing solutions in consultation with supervisor and other colleagues.
  • Prepares hot, cold and other work permits, as required. Obtains necessary approval prior to commencing maintenance and repair activities.
  • Carries out the daily recording and collection of vibration data of assigned mechanical plant & equipment. Includes:
  • Carries out spectrum analysis and recommends preventive actions.
  • Feeds collecting information into 3Ms for further analysis and trend calculations.
  • Executes pre/post commissioning inspections of rotating equipment.
  • Updates equipment and plant maintenance records by inputting activities in the 3Ms system.
  • Identifies opportunities to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Prepares and maintains a variety of records, files and statements related to maintenance and possibly administrative matter, as assigned. Includes maintaining daily running sheets for all mechanical equipment.
  • Participates in the training and development of less experienced personnel by imparting knowledge and providing on-the- job training, as assigned.
  • Understands the Company health, safety and environmental policy and how it relates to his job. Performs his work in a safe and efficient manner, and is familiar with relevant safe working procedures and practices. Performs specific safety management system program activities assigned to him by his supervisor.
  • Perform general maintenance and repair activities to all mechanical equipment in preventive, corrective and troubleshooting activities in plants.
  • Participate in execution of shutdown and major overhaul maintenance activities.
  • Conduct Toolbox meetings with subordinates for discussing safety and methods of completing job tasks.
  • Rotating and static equipment Mechanical Completion, Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning works are executed according to Project schedule
  • Perform Rotating equipment cold and hot alignment, lubrication, preservation, start-up, load running test, tuning and stabilization, shutdown and re-start-up.
  • Rotating and Static equipment inspections, box-up, chemical and catalyst loading and preservation.
  • Directs and participates in performing Condition Monitoring of Rotating equipment and advises on the maintenance schedule based on the analysis.
  • Report any significant faults that may affect the safety and operational efficiency of the equipment and piping.
  • Update the equipment Data, History and Maintenance records.
  • Conducts all work activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner at all times by not taking on any task(s) that perceived as unsafe.
  • Complies with the Client’s HSE management system and reports all incidents and near misses to the HSE representative
  • Inspection, Dismantling & Assembling of Coupling, fly wheel, crank shaft, connecting rod, cross head, gudgeon pin, piston rod, piston and cylinder.
  • Maintaining limited clearance of Main bearings, Big end and small end bearings with direct or pressurized lubrication systems.
  • Refurbishment of Suction & Discharge valves, Unloader and renewal of cylinder liner
  • Check and replace the piston rings, rider/guider rings, stuffing box packing & wiper rings
  • Check and adjust the Cross Head Shoe Clearance, TDC & BDC
  • Respecting the minimum deflection on piston rods
  • Performing alignment of Compressor with driver Equipment’s.
  • Having relevant experience in maintenance in all types of pumps such as centrifugal, reciprocating & rotary pumps.
  • Obtaining a complete check list of the dismantled equipment and keep a record of the same.
  • Inspect the condition of rotating parts namely shaft, sleeve, impeller, oil deflectors, wearing, bearings, coupling and stationary parts such as casing stuffing box, distance pieces and bearing housing.
  • Renewal of mechanical seals replacement of rotor checking wearing and throat bushes, bearing clearances
  • Maintaining the required Radial & Axial float in multistage pumps
  • Checking the Stuffing box Squareness and concentricity using a dial gauge while pump assembly.
  • Hydro test of pumps to determine mechanical seal and casing leaks.
  • Over hauling of reciprocating pump such as plunger pump & diaphragm pump including renewal of plunger packing, oil seals, suction discharge valves checking & servicing.

Desired Candidate Profile

Minimum Requirement

  • Professional Knoweledge in English Language ( reading, writing and speaking )
  • Mandatory Certificates : H2S , HSE Safety Induction , First Aid
  • Huge Advantage for personnel holding T-BOSIET, HUET ,FOET , MHI (Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial) and IMIST (International Minimum Industry Safety Training)
  • Bachelor Degree in Mechanical or Mechanics discipline or equivalent Professional Qualification.
  • 4 years of experience in Mechanical technician and at least 2 years as Mechanical Supervisor.


Expected salary:

Location: Abu Dhabi

Job date: Fri, 28 Jan 2022 06:34:43 GMT

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